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Dirty Water / Waste Water

Multi Phase Reactor (MPR)

World Exclusive Technology



100% Chemical Free

  • Advanced Oxidation Processes in liquid streams by the simultaneous cogeneration of High-Powered Cavitation and Electro-Chemistry reactions

  • Capable of processing 1,000 – 100,000+ Barrels per Day

  • Machinery is mechanically simple and robust for the harshest of treatment environments

Water Treatment

The Multi Phase Reactor is an Advanced Oxidation process that generates a suite of highly reactive Oxidizing radicals from the wastewater stream without additional chemicals or pre-cursor oxidizers.


Bio solids suspended in the wastewater stream undergo substantial particle size reduction by means of lysing of cellular matter and then subsequent oxidation of the reduced particles. This process is capable of achieving full sterilization of the water by this process alone. This will result in accelerated bio-reactivity of the solids entering the digestor, decreasing time for digestion.


Dissolved solids such as metal ions are reduced to oxidized state, where the metallic ion is tied to Oxygen rendering it insoluble. The insoluble material forms a solid precipitate that is removed via conventional filtration. Chlorides that were previously ionically bonded to the metal ions form Chlorine Dioxide and free Chlorine.

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